Once Upon a Time
Prince Charming
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Prince Charming

Henry and Danielle Danielle's relationship with Henry is an interesting one. Their relationship began with them being put off by each other, but intrigued at the same time. They were social opposites, but more alike than they knew. In falling in love with each other, they made each other better people.

Danielle found Henry arrogant, going as far to say that he was trying to bait her with his snobbery. Henry was pretty spoiled at the beginning of the film, and it put Danielle off.

You have everything and still the world holds no joy. Yet you make fun of those who would see it for its possibilities.

She even said that Henry and Marguerite deserved each other; Marguerite was certainly spoiled. In a lot of ways Henry was a better match for Marguerite than Danielle before Danielle inspired him to change his way of thinking. He didn't converse with peasants or commoners, because he saw them as lesser people. He thought it was "natural" not to associate with them. He also judged people based on their class even though he hated people judging him for his. With Danielle's utopian ideals, Henry irritated her.

Danielle was a walking contradiction to Henry. He knew her as Nicole, a courtier, yet she had strong Utopian beliefs. It was her passion and conviction that drew him to her though, and he wanted to be around her. I think Henry liked the fact that he had to work for Danielle's time and attention. Every other courtier we see in the film fell all over themselves around Henry, and I am pretty sure that was because of his status as prince. I think Henry was able to see that, too. Danielle didn't care whether Henry liked her or not. When she first met him, she definitely did not like him.

Henry loved Danielle's conviction. After learning more about Danielle and hearing her stories, Henry started falling in love with her. Henry believed in fate and believed there was a match for every person in the world. No one had made him feel like Danielle made him feel. Danielle made him feel alive.

In all my years of study, not one tutor ever demonstrated the passion you have shown me in the last two days. You have more conviction in one memory than I have in my entire being.

Danielle's passion and conviction not only made Henry fall in love with her, but it inspired him, making him want to be a better person. After meeting and falling in love with Danielle, Henry started planning a university where anyone of any class could study. He invited the gypsies to the ball, and they were a group of people he never got along with and wouldn't have given the time of day to before meeting Danielle. He also asked his father to release all of the servants who were bound for the Americas, and was responsible for a royal decree that said any man who sailed must be compensated.

Henry made Danielle smile. Danielle and Henry's relationship wasn't just one-sided, though. Something about Henry made Danielle smile when she was around him, even when she found him arrogant. I think she saw some of herself in Henry, as their frustrations were much the same. Danielle didn't like being defined as a servant when she was much more. On the opposite side of society, Henry didn't like being defined as a prince. He wanted to be seen as more.

When Danielle started falling in love with Henry, she didn't want to deceive him anymore. She tried at two different opportunities to tell Henry that she was a servant, but Henry was so beside himself in love that he didn't give her a chance. At the ball when he was going to make their love known to the world, Rodmilla called Danielle out as the servant she was. Henry felt betrayed and rejected Danielle publicly.

After talking with Leonardo De Vinci who said that Danielle was Henry's match, after seeing her glass slipper, and after realizing how ridiculous a life without love was, Henry realized his mistake and went to win back Danielle. She had been sold to Pierre le Pieu, an older benefactor who wanted Danielle. Henry intended to rescue her. Being the strong woman she was, that wasn't necessary, but Henry wanted to beg her forgiveness.

I offered you the world, and at the first test of honor I betrayed you. Please, Danielle...

Danielle was so moved by Henry calling her by her name, she forgave him. I think she still had feelings for Henry, and by him calling her Danielle instead of Nicole it likely signified that he accepted her for her.

Henry proposed with her glass slipper. Henry proposed to Danille then. His proposal was pretty amazing because it showed how much he had changed because of Danielle. I thought it was really neat he stripped his title, since being defined by titles was such a big struggle for both him and Danielle.

I kneel before you not as a prince, but as a man in love. But I would feel like a king if you, Danielle de Barbarac would be my wife.