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While Henry and Rodmilla have the biggest relationships with Danielle, other people play important parts of her life and the film. I analyzed their interactions and relationships with Danielle below.

Leonardo De Vinci Leonardo De Vinci - Leonardo De Vinci was pretty much Danielle's father figure in the film. He had a thirst for knowledge and a love of the world that he shared with Danielle. Growing up a peasant himself, he was able to relate with Danielle. Because he saw her as no different from himself or Henry, Danielle was able to find comfort in him right before the ball. I think that Leonardo also saw Danielle as a daughter. He went out of his way to talk to Henry after Henry dismissed Danielle publicly at the ball.He grew emotional, and was angry at Henry for hurting Danielle. Leonardo saw Danielle as Henry's match, and helped him see that himself. Leonardo realized the true beauty in Danielle, inside and out, and painted her in a portrait as a belated wedding present.

If Danielle was Cinderella in the classic fairy tale, I would argue that Leonardo De Vinci played the role of her fairy godmother. I realize it sounds absurd, but it's actually quite interesting when you think about it. He didn't have magic, and he didn't turn pumpkins into carriages, but Leonardo saved Danielle from her prison after Rodmilla locked her in the pantry so she couldn't go to the ball, and Leonardo made Danielle wings for her dress, making her beautiful for the ball. He also convinced her that she should go to the ball to win Henry. Getting Cinderella ready for the ball was a big part of what the fairy godmother did in the classic Disney film. She also watched over Cinderealla and had her best interests at heart.

Gustave Gustave Gustave was Danielle's childhood best friend. A commoner, he was the same station as Danielle, and the two had a lot in common. Danielle was very much a tomboy when she was little, and she and Gustave would play in mud and wrestle like she was another guy. Gustave saw the beauty in the world like Danielle, and he painted it in paintings. He also saw the beauty in Danielle. He was a faithful friend and support system for Danielle throughout the film. He helped Danielle look like a courtier when she went to court to save Maurice, and he taught her to hold herself high with confidence. He also helped her the night of the ball by finding Leonardo for her.

I thought the two might have a romantic relationship when the film had just begun, but when Henry entered the picture it was quite clear who Danielle was supposed to be with. I think if Henry didn't enter her life, she could have possibly ended up with Gustave, but I doubt it. I think she saw Gustave as a friend and family member, and nothing more. He was with Danielle at the end of the film when she was surrounded by those she loved. I think that shows that he would remain an important part of her life.

Jacqueline Jacqueline Jacqueline was Danielle's second stepsister. She seemed to lack confidence at the beginning of the film, and was overshadowed (and not to mention emotionally abused) by Marguerite and their mother Rodmilla. Rodmilla's favorite daughter was obviously Marguerite, and while she saw Jacqueline as higher than Danielle, she was quick to give Jacqueline Danielle's duties when Danielle was feeling sick. Jacqueline saw Danielle as one of her sisters, and often went to bat for her to her mother. She told Rodmilla that maybe Danielle would like to wear her mother's dress to the ball when Marguerite was admiring it for herself. She also gave Danielle signs when Rodmilla was questioning her so that Danielle would know what she was being scolded for. I thought it was kind of sweet that Jacqueline took care of Danielle in these little ways. After Danielle was beat, Jacqueline helped her sooth the gashes on her back by patting them with water. She felt sorry for Danielle when Marguerite called her mother dead and Jacqueline teared up when Marguerite threw Danielle's father's book in the fire.

To Danielle, Jacqueline probably was like family, a sister she never had. When Rodmilla and Marguerite were made servants for lying to the Queen, Jacqueline was spared for her kindness to Danielle. Jacqueline was one of the loved ones surrounding Danielle at the end of the film, so I'm certain they retained a sibling relationship.